Discussion of the World Anti-crisis Plan

Discussion of the World Anti-Crisis Plan

Organisers of the annual Astana Economic Forum have issued a challenge to international experts and United Nations Member States to contribute proposals and recommendations to the draft World Anti-Crisis Plan before it is debated and adopted in the Kazakhstan capital in May.astana forum

On 4th of March at 16:00 in the framework of the V Eurasian Economic Youth Forum at the Ural State University of Economics was held a video conference on the basis of international communication platform «G-Global», where the draft of the World Anti-Crisis Plan was discussed.

The moderator of the video conference was the President of the Big Eurasian university complex, Vice – President of the Association “Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists” – Mikhail Fedorov. Following guests joined the Discussion: head of the department of economic theory and economic problems of the transition period from Russian-Armenian (Slavic) University – Mariam Voskanyan, Doctor of Economics, Professor of Eurasian National University – Diana Madjarova , Doctor of Economics, Professor of Eurasian National University – Bauirzhan Tolysbaev , senior lecturer of Economics and Management from Rudny Industrial Institute – Irina touching . Also as a speaker – Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor of Department of Tourism and Service – Sharipzhan Nadyrov , and others.

Main topic of discussion was the project of the World Anti-Crisis Plan, also during the video conference following issues were discussed: the problem of global imbalances in the global economy, regulation and supervision of “shadow” banking sector, the definition of universal standards of credit rating agencies, the strengthening of financial supervision and effectiveness of regulation, trade liberalization, green growth: challenges and prospects, human capital development and many others.

Submissions are invited by 15 March 2014 from government agencies, non-governmental organizations, research centers, think tanks, economic and financial experts, as well as the business and scientific communities. In order to find more information on the World Anti-Crisis Plan Project and submit recommendations, please follow the link: http://www.group-global.org/en/page/view/515

Their ideas will be incorporated into the World Anti-Crisis Plan and the authors of the best contributions will be invited to attend the second World Anti-Crisis Conference (II WAC), to be held in Astana on 21-23 May in conjunction with the Astana Economic Forum.  The purpose of the Conference is to approve the Plan.

The World Anti-Crisis Project stems from an appeal by the President of Kazakhstan in December 2011 to launch a ‘G-Global’ initiative to coordinate efforts to deal with continuing global instability and turbulence in financial markets and the impact on economic development.




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